Application : Mp3Doctor PRO v1.04

Mp3Doctor Pro - is an editor that is designed to test, change and improve all your MP3 files. With this program you can restore imperfect songs or modify them, cutting off the pause, to normalize the functions and much more. C of this program you can achieve the desired - to mount a similar quality and sound on all existing MP3 files. In the present MP3 Doctor Diagnostic Wizard that checks your files and modify them if necessary. In addition, it contains the codecs, the ability to copy CD-ROMs, setting encode and decode music files.

Key features of Mp3Doctor Pro
• Mp3Doctor will standardize the volume discretization, quality, etc. All you can do for your mp3 collection with one click.
• This software will enable you to lead to the same standard music files that you download from the Internet using various services, such as Kazaa, WinMX, Morpheus, etc.
• With this program you can optimize each file to get the best quality and minimum size.
• Mp3Doctor let you bring your collection of Mp3-files to a single species
• The program allows you to remove from your MP3-files, pause, both at the beginning and end of tracks.
• In Mp3Doctor integrated MP3 Normalize - TRIM - FIX TOOL.



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